Building communities to help youth dream, believe and achieve

Visual Dreaming is honouring the “Dreaming” by connecting all things natural and spiritual. As relationships and collaboration are vital for First Nations social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing (mental health).

Butterfly Dreaming

Butterfly Dreaming is a leadership program helping close the gap for young Aboriginal women by strengthening their connection to self, family, community, identity, and culture.

building communities to help Frist Nation youth dream, believe and achieve

Maliyan Dreaming

Maliyan Dreaming is a youth male program building boys into strong independent men and future leaders by strengthening their identity through connection to culture and community with positive mentors.

Youth Hub

The Wollundry Dreaming Youth Hub is a safe space where youth are guided by mentors to participate in activities to build personal and community awareness and competence within a deeply connected, supportive and culturally appropriate environment.