Visual Dreaming is situated out of Wollundry Dreaming, a Wiradjuri led cultural hub situated in the centre of Wagga Wagga. Wollundry Dreaming brings arts, culture and community together in programs that work toward building creative, stronger and resilient communities through enabling the creation of great art and active engagement.

The hub is dedicated to providing community and social benefits to the people of Wagga with a broad range of educational, creative, entrepreneurial and digital opportunities.

A mutually beneficial partnership with to develop and deliver arts, culture and technology innovation in Wagga Wagga and the Riverina.

Wollundry Dreaming

Wollundry or walang means a number of things, including strong having, it has always been a sacred gathering place, a place that made people strong, intricately connected to hosting large gatherings and celebrations which important business was sorted out and it fed people with its aquaculture (fish traps).

Wollundry Dreaming embodies Yindyamarra as a gift we can share with the whole community, we can take the lead but we can take everyone with us. We have goodwill, creativity, and learning to give to the broader Wagga Wagga community.

Wollundry Dreaming is a community strengthening initiative made up of First Nations entrepreneurs, our artistic and our tech communities who have come together to collaborate and innovate, to ‘give others strength’, as has always been Wagga Wagga’s special, and once again, it will be a place of gathering, celebrating, dancing, and other creative practices. It is a place for us to gather and plan for the seven generations coming.